Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Questions abound when you haven’t played a Whodunnit Mystery Game or team builder activities before…or in awhile. Click on the tabs below to answer common questions we receive. If you can’t find an answer to your question, click on the “Contact Us” tab above with email and phone information.


  • Party Size? Size of the party venue matters when deciding which game to select, but also keep in mind how many people you want to interact with and how many main parts you would like to have in play. For the most part,  games with characters numbering 1-20 have individual player parts.

Once you get above 20 characters, “teams” are used. Teams can number from 2-5/6 people. Teams are labeled to coincide with the storyline of the game. For example, Death Sails on the Oceania has teams consisting of Life Boat Crews. While members of these teams may not have individual parts, they do have individual votes at the end of the game and act as questioners of all other members…including other teams!

To see if the game you are considering has individual parts or a mixture of individual parts and teams, click on the available “Character List” provided for each game.

  • Gender? Do you want an all-boys game? All-girls? Mixed gender? Maybe you want some flexibility in the genders. You get to decide! You can click on the “All Games” tab to open up the page that lists the number of players as well as if it is a specific gender or mixed gender. Click on each game to view the “Character List” to see how many of each gender is required.

Whodunnit mysteries offers a variety of themed games.

  • CRIME: To decide what kind of crime you want to solve (espionage/spy, intrigue, murder, or theft), hover over the “All Games” tab at the top and click on the “Kind of Crime”. Click on whichever to see which games match up with the type of crime you want to solve!
  • GENRE/THEME: Other than the type of crime, you can also decide what genre/theme of party you want to throw. Do you want a costume party? Choose your Own Ending? Disability Awareness? Haunted House? Historial? Present Day? Something else? Hover over the “All Games” tab at the top of the page, click on “Theme or Genre” and select the genre you are interested in.
Never played one of our games before and worried about hosting one? Never fear! Whodunnit Mysteries provides you a Hosting Packet that details how to prepare for a party, plan the party, host the party, and what to do at the end of a party.

Click on the Example Hosting Packet to see what is included in a typical packet. [Example Hosting Packet]

Each game comes with a tailored invitation specific to the game and theme. The digital/PDF invitation allows you to type in your specific party information. Purchase a downloadable game and the invitation will be included with your game. If you purchase a print game, once the game is printed and mailed, the invitation will be attached to your shipment verification email.

You can either email the invitation as an attachment or print and mail it — whichever you want!

Click on this link to see an example of an invitation. [Example Invitation]

When you get the game, there will be sealed/marked player packets to give to each character coming to the party. In the player packet is the Story, How to Play the Game, Historical Facts (if applicable), Cast of Characters, an Individual Part and other necessary information. The Individual Part will tell them if they are the criminal or not. The host looks at the list of characters and distributes the player packets to those who are coming to the party and keeps one for themselves, if they want. The host plays the part and guesses along with everyone else about the criminal’s identity. In the game is a sealed packet/marked digital file with the criminal’s part in it if you feel you need to open it. When we play a game, but know who the criminal is, we try to carefully vote on who the guilty person is using the clues that came out and try not to direct the questioning too much.
In the game is a sealed packet/marked digital file with the criminal’s part if you want to know ahead of time.
You can if you wish, but remember you have to leave enough preparation time for the players to study their parts so they can get in character and discover the clues that are there. If you don’t have enough people for a complete cast, an alternative is to read the unassigned parts out loud during the course of the game so those clues are included in the game.
No, that is illegal and we will pursue legal action against anyone found attempting to resell a game.
That is entirely up to you. Costumes can add fun, but are not a necessity. You might notice that some of our games have good costuming potential, particularly those in a historical setting. Your guests will generally have their own ideas on how to costume for the part. If costumes are not being used, it is recommended you use name tags with the character names on them.

You can download a game ONE time and have up to SEVEN (7) days to access the game. After that, the game and your access has expired.

Yes, you have bought the game. You will be amazed at how different the party is when a new group of people play it. Since you know who the criminal is, you may take that part if you wish. If you don’t wish to do that, you can play the game as if you do not know who the criminal is, and weigh the evidence that comes out, not what you already know when you vote at the end.

If you have lost some parts from the first game, just email us and tell us what you need. Each lost/reprinted part is $5.00.

Whodunnit Mysteries does not offer refunds or exchanges for our games. Due to the nature of the delivery (print or PDF), we cannot prevent a customer from using a game or verify it has not been used. Throughout our website, there are previews or examples of what games look like and consist of, including game stories, cast lists, example character packets, and example hosting packets — all done to ensure you pick the game and product that best meets your needs before paying for it. Please view these examples before purchasing a game.

Due to the timeliness of our delivery (immediate PDF or 3-5 business day shipping for printed game), once an order is placed, it cannot be altered.


We have chosen to market our games strictly on the internet. This keeps prices down and enables us to respond to specific customer needs and questions. With priority mail, we can ship a package within 48 hours and get it to you within 4-5 business days in the United States.
Click on All Games and then click on the title. These are links to the games we offer. This will give you a  synopsis of each game, how many players are needed and cost.
Yes, we have three games designed specifically for younger players (Bruffey Manor, Wagons Ho, and Mystery Manor). We feel that some of our other games are suited for Tween, Teen, & Youth parties.
This is a game written for youth. Most of the action is in the choices the players make as a group as they decide which way to go when they are faced with a decision. A decision book is included in each game. This is read as the game progresses and (majority rules) decisions are made. For example: You hear footsteps upstairs and a door slams. Do you go upstairs to see who is there (go to decision 25) or do you go down to the basement to see why there is a dog growling & barking there (go to decision 16). If players happen to make a bad decision that leads to disaster or to a premature ending of the game, they can always go back and remake a decision. There are character parts for each person that tells them why they are there, sometimes how they should act or vote, or how they should play their role. They are encouraged to stay in character during the entire game. These parties are best for younger players about 10 and up. We recommend adult supervision.
No. Many of them do, but some don’t. For example, Queen’s Jewels is a jewel robbery during a costume party and The Fox is about catching a spy during the Revolutionary War. In the other games we deal with lots of humor. We choose not to write “dark” mysteries. No character has to be violent or commit a murder during the game. We have sold many games to church groups, schools and businesses.

You are able to select the type of crime by hovering your cursor over the “All Games” tab at the top of the screen. Hover over the “Kind of Crime” and you can select Espionage/Spy, Intrigue, Murder, or Theft.

We’ve considered this, but decided each group that gets together will play the game differently. Sometimes first-time players mainly sit and listen and don’t know how to really get involved in the game — but we’ve also seen first-timers just dive in and rock their parts and the game.

We have been amazed when we play the same game three different times with three different groups of people, the accusations and votes for the killer will be completely different each time. It depends on how strongly the people play their parts, how well the clues are brought out, and how well the murderer plays his/her part. We feel that it isn’t so important that you figure out who the culprit is all the time, but that you have  fun.

Yes we will, but you will be charged for the extra postage required. When we send a game it will usually take about one week to ten days to arrive overseas. A more budget-friendly option is to purchase an instantly downloadable game.
It’s a party where a group of friends are brought together to have fun and solve a mystery. Each participant is given a player packet sometime before the party that includes the story of the mystery, instructions on how to play the game, a cast of characters and the role for the evening. These need to be studied and important facts memorized, if the players can, so they feel comfortable in their participation and so the clues in their part come out during the discussion.
For a few hours you will pretend you are someone who is involved in some way with the mystery. You will probably have clues in your part that need to be revealed during the party to help solve the mystery. You can decide how you would act if you were this person. Should you  have an accent, a limp, a funny laugh? Should you act dumb, or act snooty and look down on everyone else? There are lots of possibilities, so have fun with your part.
Humor is a big part of Whodunnit Mysteries Games, so don’t be surprised if your part has a few absurdities in it. Also we try hard to make our games G-rated so you won’t have to pretend to do anything that is distasteful to you. This is one of the reasons we started writing these games. We didn’t enjoy pretending to be having an affair, or to be a drug dealer, etc.
That is up to you. They are not a necessity, but can be fun. It can be enjoyable getting dressed up to play a part and you can be very creative. Some of our period games lend themselves to a little more costuming than the more modern settings. You might talk to the host to find out what they would like in the way of costuming.
Congratulations! Be prepared to have fun and discover how creative and fast thinking you can be. You are the only character that can lie, but we suggest you lie as little as possible, because if you are caught in an outright lie this might give you away. Will you want to go on the offensive and accuse lots of people? Perhaps you want to be more laid-back. There are some people who have clues pointing to you, and maybe those clues will come out, but maybe they won’t. It is important that if for some reason you are not able to get to the party, be sure and tell the host so they can replace you. You have a very vital part in this game.
We have only one rule: You must always tell the truth unless you are the criminal. One of the ways you can catch the villain is if you catch him in a lie. Also, you must answer direct questions. If you don’t know the answer (quite often they aren’t in your part as we can’t anticipate every question that will be asked), try to answer it in a way that would be appropriate for the character you are playing. This would not be considered a lie.
There is usually other information that comes out during the party. They come out in autopsy reports, newspaper articles, maps, Memory Joggers, etc. Memory Joggers are clues that are handed out that the characters read. They are facts that they just remembered that may help solve the mystery.
The first questions should be ones that get you acquainted with the characters and what their parts are in the mystery. You could say things like “What was your relationship with the person who was murdered?” or “How long did you know him?” Make sure that all of the characters are questioned and that you understand something about them, and what their relationships are to each other. What you are looking for are motives, opportunities, alibis, and how the murder was committed. Some of the questions you will ask depend on what kind of clues are in your part. Everyone will be asking questions, so listening and deductions are a big part of the game too.
At the end of the party when the host decides the time is up or that everyone has asked all the questions they can think of, everyone gets to vote on who they think did the murder. Then the murderer reveals their identity and tells how and why they did it.

Every game is different, and whether most people solve the mystery depends on how the questioning went and how well the murderer played his/her part. The most important thing is, not if everyone solved the murder, but if they had a good time.

When you visit a game’s page, it will give you number of player options as well as formats (downloadable/instant or print). Select the appropriate game to add to your shopping cart. After you have purchased the game, an email will be sent to you with the link to access it for SEVEN (7) days or mailed to you in 3-5 business days if print format was selected.
They are in PDF file format. To open and read the game, you will need to have the free Adobe reader.
You will need to download the free Adobe reader to open the game and read it. Most computer systems already have this free reader. Follow the instructions to install it and you will be able to open the game and read it.
No we don’t. We chose the PDF file format because it is the most common online file format. The only other format is print, but it is not instant access.
The Adobe reader does not permit this. We recommend printing off 2-3 copies of the game so you have extra copies of the game just in case you need them.
The link is only active for SEVEN (7) days. We believe this is sufficient time for people to print off the game if they need it immediately.
In the game, there are detailed instructions on how to assemble the game for host and for the players.
You will not be charged for shipping and handling when you purchase a downloadable/Instant Access game. This is because we will not be printing and mailing you the game. You’ll notice that downloadable/Instant Access games are cheaper than printed games.

If you order a game to be shipped to you and a downloadable/Instant Access Game at the same time, only the games printed and mailed to you will be charged shipping and handling.