How Do I . . .

New to the murder mystery party experience? It can be a bit overwhelming and nerve-wracking trying something new, but we hope this page will answer some questions, provide some help, and get you excited about playing/purchasing a Whodunnit Murder Mystery game! Select one of the tabs below to learn more in that area.


There are many things think about when hosting a Whodunnit Mystery Party — we’ve broken it down to the areas below:


  • Party Size? Size of the party venue matters when deciding which game to select, but also keep in mind how many people you want to interact with and how many main parts you would like to have in play. For the most part,  games with characters numbering 1-20 have individual player parts.

Once you get above 20 characters, “teams” are used. Teams can number from 2-5/6 people. Teams are labeled to coincide with the storyline of the game. For example, Death Sails on the Oceania has teams consisting of Life Boat Crews. While members of these teams may not have individual parts, they do have individual votes at the end of the game and act as questioners of all other members…including other teams!

To see if the game you are considering has individual parts or a mixture of individual parts and teams, click on the available “Character List” provided for each game.


  • Gender? Do you want an all-boys game? All-girls? Mixed gender? Maybe you want some flexibility in the genders. You get to decide! You can click on the “All Games” tab to open up the page that lists the number of players as well as if it is a specific gender or mixed gender. Click on each game to view the “Character List” to see how many of each gender is required.

Whodunnit mysteries offers a variety of themed games.

  • CRIME: To decide what kind of crime you want to solve (espionage/spy, intrigue, murder, or theft), hover over the “All Games” tab at the top and click on the “Kind of Crime”. Click on whichever to see which games match up with the type of crime you want to solve!


  • GENRE/THEME: Other than the type of crime, you can also decide what genre/theme of party you want to throw. Do you want a costume party? Choose your Own Ending? Disability Awareness? Haunted House? Historial? Present Day? Something else? Hover over the “All Games” tab at the top of the page, click on “Theme or Genre” and select the genre you are interested in.
Never played one of our games before and worried about hosting one? Never fear! Whodunnit Mysteries provides you a Hosting Packet that details how to prepare for a party, plan the party, host the party, and what to do at the end of a party.

Click on the Example Hosting Packet to see what is included in a typical packet. [Example Hosting Packet]

Each game comes with a tailored invitation specific to the game and theme. The digital/PDF invitation allows you to type in your specific party information. Purchase of a downloadable game, the invitation will be included with your game. If you purchase a print game, once the game is printed and mailed, the invitation will be attached to your shipment verification email.

You can either email the invitation as an attachment or print and mail it — whichever you want!

Click on this link to see an example of an invitation. [Example Invitation]