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A thrilling New Year's Eve Costume ball
The Queen’s Jewels: A Thrilling New Year’s Eve
Players:  12 or 13-20 Era:   Present Day
Gender:  M&F Crime:   Theft
  A party has been held at the home of Agatha Buell, a well-known and extremely rich local socialite. Agatha is the heiress to the Fleer Fortune. She loves to hold parties and balls several times a year. Her costumed ball is her favorite and she asks that all who attend come in costume.  Agatha's insurance company and security people have been warning her for years that she was taking a big risk at these parties when she insisted on wearing some of her jewelry. Well, at this year’s costume ball, the Agatha is attacked and her Queen’s Jewels turn up missing. Of all the guests at the party, the police and insurance investigators are sure that one of these guests committed the robbery. If you don’t figure out how to look beyond the disguise, everyone may be wearing their costumes for a very long while.   Bonuses:  
Players Format/Cost Format/Cost
12 Print/$45.00+s/h Download/$35.00
13-20 Print/$70.00+s/h Download/$55.00
not rated $35.00$70.00
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