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Choose Your Own Ending All-boy Western team building mystery game
Wagons Ho
Players:  12 or 15 Era:   California Gold Rush
Gender:  All Male Crime:   Intrigue
  Gold has been discovered in California! The year is 1850 and the forty-niners who hit it rich can now afford wives, race horses, or silver engraved double barrel shotguns and pistols.  Having been in California last year, Charlie Streeter knows the value of supply and demand. Prospectors and adventurers from back East are spending lots of money to be delivered to San Francisco, Sacramento, or San Jose. Charlie intends to guide a wagon train from St. Joseph, Missouri to California during the next 9 weeks. Charlie has gathered this daring group despite warnings from several mountain men. As part of the conditions on the trip each person must be a capable marksman and have his own weapons. Indians are less likely to attack well-armed parties. Join us now as we face the decisions of going West with these brave sons of destiny and even braver men who have undertaken to guide and help them. By making the right decisions, everyone will get to California safely. The wrong decisions will result in some shortened or altered lives. Don't let your scalp hang in an Indian lodge or leave your bones bleaching on the sand.   Bonuses:  
Players Format/Cost Format/Cost
12 Print/$45.00+s/h Download/$35.00
15 Print/$55.00+s/h Download/$45.00
not rated $35.00$55.00
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