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European Live Murder Mystery Role Playing party
Death Leaves on Track 13
Players:  25-50 Era:   1900s Europe
Gender:  M&F Crime:   Murder, Espionage, Theft
  The year is 1909, and on this wild train ride across Europe, everyone is a Spy! There are six master spies, one moderator, and five teams of spies who are searching for a stolen formula and trying to discover who killed poor Ivan, the last person to be known to have the formula. In this raucous game, everyone is a participant in one way or another--a Master Spy or a Team Member. This mystery is great for reunions, corporate team building, church groups, fund raisers, school groups (14 years or older) or just having a great time. Slip on your trench coat and come join the fun!   Bonuses:  
Players Format/Cost Format/Cost
25-50 Print/$95.00+s/h Download/$75.00
not rated $35.00$45.00
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World War II Ship Murder Mystery Party Live Role Playing Team Building
Death Sails on the Oceania
Players:  25-50 Era:   World War II
Gender:  M&F Crime:   Murder, Theft, Espionage
  It is 1943 and these are dark times in most parts of the world. Ship cruises are at an all-time high – if you happen to “cruise” on a troop ship or military ship of any kind. Submarines, airplanes, and mines have made any other kind of "cruise" very dangerous. The Oceania is a fast, sleek passenger liner registered in Canada. Because of her speed, this ship will not travel in a convoy but will sail directly from Nova Scotia to Portsmouth, England. It is carrying $40 million in gold bars to aid in the war effort, secret messages and plans. It also carries a new set of equipment (Mark 1) designed to pinpoint enemy submarines both above and below the surface of the sea. If a ship can use this equipment to evade U-Boats, the tide of the war could quickly change. Gold, espionage, and patriotism may be motives for mayhem. Whatever the reason, with this much gold on board you can be sure that danger and death stalk this ship.   Bonuses:  
Players Format/Cost Format/Cost
25-50 Print/$95.00+s/h Download/$75.00
not rated $75.00$95.00
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The Fox Colonial Murder Mystery Game
The Fox
Players:  10 or 11-30 Era:   Colonial America
Gender:  M&F Crime:   Spy, Espionage, Intrigue
  Colonial troops are deserting faster than they can be recruited. Supplies are harder to get as the British always seem to seize or requisition all the stockpiles before the Colonists. The farmers now want gold or silver, not paper money. Many people are leaning toward suing for peace and taking their punishment. The year is 1780 in the English Colonies of America. The Colonies have declared for independence and are involved in a revolution against England. The Colonists have had some minor wins, some disastrous losses, and lots of discouragement. A new flag will only motivate the army so far! Headquarters suspects that there is a spy (known as The Fox), passing secrets to the British Forces. General Washington suspects everyone. He is worried The Fox may even be one of his staff. His Chief of Staff, Colonel Hathaway, has called for a meeting at an inn in Fairfax. Virginia. He doesn't want to meet around his other Headquarters personnel where he suspects there may be a leak of information. With luck we should be able to uncover the spy tonight, and after a fair trial The Fox will be hung in the morning. Don't make plans for tomorrow afternoon!   Bonuses:  
Players Format/Cost Format/Cost
10 Print/$45.00+s/h Download/$35.00
11-30 Print/$75.00+s/h Download/$60.00
not rated $35.00$75.00
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