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All Girl Thievery Mystery Game Party
Lake Washington
Players: 8 Era:   Present Day, 4th of July
Gender:  All Female Crime:   Theft
  Lake Washington is a wonderful place to sail, water ski, swim, and even fish. However, it is not a place you would normally go to have your jewels stolen. Especially if you were Abigail (Abbie) Appleslugger. Abbie comes from one of the pioneer families of the area. Her grandfather made his fortune with a fleet of fishing boats; her great uncle made millions in the timber industry; and her father owned some of the largest wheat lands in the state. Unfortunately, Abbie’s brother is dead and she is now the sole heir of the family fortune – about 26 million dollars. Abbie loves working with young girls. She says it keeps her young since she single with no children of her own. She is a Pod Leader (like a Girl Scout leader) for 8 "Seals". The "Seals" love to play and solve mystery games. The Frog Pond is Abbie’s beautiful home on the shores of Lake Washington. She loves to have lavish 4th of July parties where all the guests come and admire her jewels she wears for the occasion (red rubies, white pearls, and blue turquoise). She invited the Seals to the party to help her with the food and serving the other guests. Now, two days after the party, Abbie discovered someone stole her tiara and all the rubies from her home. All the guests are under suspicion. Abbie has offered the "Seals" a $200.00 reward if they can solve who stole her jewelry.   Bonuses:  
Players Format/Cost Format/Cost
8 Print/$40.00+s/h Download/$30.00
not rated $30.00$40.00
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