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Disability Awareness Live Action Role Playing Mystery Game
See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil
Players:  10 or 15 Era:   Present Day
Gender:  M&F Crime:   Murder, Intrigue
 Note: This game is designed to increase awareness of and better proficiency in interacting with the disabled. Excellent for organizations, schools, churches, and any group who want to learn and have a good time, yet have an unusual party. A great team building game because a key to success in solving this mystery is for each of the players to learn to pool their capabilities and co-operate to solve the mystery.
It’s a nice summer day and a group of people from Happy Care Facility are at the Park and Zoo for a picnic and special outing. All appeared to be having a good time and sharing experiences. Some clients are unable to speak with the others due to either language or physical impairments. Other clients are hearing impaired, while still others are blind. They have learned to work together and they complement each other well as a team. The blind are often accompanied by the deaf, who describe what they are seeing. Those who cannot talk, sign to the deaf. No one person has more than one impairment. About 3:15 p.m. the terrified chaperon was found in the Penguin pond. He had been gagged, his hands tied behind his back, and his legs bound together. After he was tossed in the water, all he could do was to stand on his tip toes and hope help would come soon. If he grew too tired he would sink under the water to his death. He said that he was struck from behind and bound and gagged after being blindfolded. His attacker(s) did not say anything and he is unable to identify them. This attack comes just eight days after the mysterious death of another patient. The autopsy has not been made public yet, and the management of Happy Care are adamant this crime wave be stopped.
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