Spies on a Train Game set in Europe in the 1930'sSpies on a Train Game set in Europe in the 1930's

Death Leaves on Track 13: The Train Game


Players:  25-50 Era:   1900s Europe
Gender:  M&F Crime:   Murder, Espionage, Theft


A Killer of a Train Game

The year is 1909, and on this wild train ride across Europe, everyone is a Spy! There are six master spies, one moderator, and five teams of spies who are searching for a stolen formula and trying to discover who killed poor Ivan, the last person to be known to have the formula.

In this raucous game, everyone is a participant in one way or another – a Master Spy or a Team Member. This mystery is great for reunions, corporate team building, church groups, fund raisers, school groups (14 years or older) or just having a great time. Slip on your trench coat and come join the fun!




Players Format/Cost Format/Cost
25-50 Print/$95.00+s/h Download/$75.00


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An Intriguing Spies on a Train game!

Spies, spies, everywhere! Why is everyone trying to find who killed Ivan, and what happened to the stolen formula he was carrying? Travel by train across Europe in the early 1900s as you try to solve the mystery, before this train game goes off the tracks.


Each mystery train game party includes the following:

  • Story of the crime and circumstances for the party/gathering
  • List of cast members in the train game
  • Individual character packets
  • “Rules” for playing the game
  • Hosting Packet, which includes instructions on how to play the game, timing and organization tips for the host, how to plan the party and select player parts, etc.
  • Historical background if necessary
  • A summary of who, how, and why the crime was done
  • Performance and dressing tips
  • FREE personalized invitation – email or print and mail
  • Link to a personalized “Death Leaves on Track 13” Pinterest Board with decorating, food, and costume ideas!

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1 review for Death Leaves on Track 13: The Train Game

  1. E.

    We had a great time. Ended up with 33 players. I know that they would not sit still in spy rings, so I read everyone the intro and then let the master spies take over. I also placed a copy of the border crossing info in a central location. That way if one wanted to read the info rather than get it from the master spies, one could. Everyone was free to collaborate, but each person had to submit their own answer. I got 3 out of 33 right answers. The food was great…and despite the thunderstorms (or because of the thunderstorms) the cruise on the OH river was awesome. Thanks again for your help.


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