World War II Ship Spy Party Game Murder Mystery PartyWorld War II Ship Spy Party Game Murder Mystery Party

Death Sails on the Oceania: Spy Party


Players:  25-50 Era:   World War II
Gender:  M&F Crime:   Murder, Theft, Espionage


It is 1943 and these are dark times in most parts of the world. Ship cruises are at an all-time high – if you happen to “cruise” on a troop ship or military ship of any kind. Submarines, airplanes, and mines have made any other kind of “cruise” very dangerous.

The Oceania is a fast, sleek passenger liner registered in Canada. Because of her speed, this ship will not travel in a convoy but will sail directly from Nova Scotia to Portsmouth, England. It is carrying $40 million in gold bars to aid in the war effort, secret messages and plans. It also carries a new set of equipment (Mark 1) designed to pinpoint enemy submarines both above and below the surface of the sea. If a ship can use this equipment to evade U-Boats, the tide of the war could quickly change.

Gold, espionage, and patriotism may be motives for mayhem. Whatever the reason, with this much gold on board you can be sure that danger and death stalk this ship.




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25-50 Print/$95.00+s/h Download/$75.00


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Set Sail for a World War 2 Spy Party

Set in the early 1940s, set sail on this luxury liner headed straight for danger. A cargo of gold, an experienced crew, spies and a World War all add spice to a classic spy party mystery game. Designed for large groups of 25 – 50 players.


Each mystery spy party includes the following:

  • Story of the crime and circumstances for the party/gathering
  • List of cast members
  • Individual character packets
  • “Rules” for playing the game
  • Hosting Packet, which includes instructions on how to play the game, timing and organization tips for the host, how to plan the party and select player parts, etc.
  • Historical background if necessary
  • A summary of who, how, and why the crime was done
  • Decision booklet (for Choose Your Own Ending games)
  • Performance and dressing tips
  • FREE personalized invitation – email or print and mail
  • Link to a personalized “Death Sails on the Oceania” Pinterest Board with decorating, food, and costume ideas!

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