A Mad Scientist in Space Murder Mystery GameA Mad Scientist in Space Murder Mystery Game

Mystery From Space: A Mad Scientist Mystery


Players:  10 Era:   Present Day
Gender:  M&F Crime:   Murder


Doctor Elas was a scientist working on a matter transfer machine (think “Beam me up Scotty”). From all appearances he had successfully transferred matter into his laboratory from other locations. However, he didn’t appear to be as successful in transferring matter back. 

Although Doctor Elas worked with only one assistant and was very tight-lipped about his work, rumors abound. He was the subject of intense scrutiny by the FBI, CIA, PTA, UPS, AARP, and several foreign governments.

It’s now Wednesday afternoon and the police have gathered everyone together to begin the investigation into his murder. If you can help identify the killer, maybe everyone can be cleared and get home in time for the late, late movie, “Tarzan and King Kong Hold Little Rock Hostage.”




Players Format/Cost Format/Cost
10 Print/$45.00+s/h Download/$35.00


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A Mad Scientist Murder Mystery Game — In Space!

Ten players try to figure out who is the strangest one in this cast of wacky characters and maybe he is the being from outer space. Who killed Dr. Elas? Does his matter transfer machine really work? Prepare to defend yourself or you could be next.

Each Mad Scientist Murder mystery game party includes the following:

  • Story of the crime and circumstances for the party/gathering
  • List of cast members
  • Individual character packets
  • “Rules” for playing the game
  • Hosting Packet, which includes instructions on how to play the game, timing and organization tips for the host, how to plan the party and select player parts, etc.
  • Historical background if necessary
  • A summary of who, how, and why the crime was done
  • Decision booklet (for Choose Your Own Ending games)
  • Performance and dressing tips
  • FREE personalized invitation – email or print and mail
  • Link to a personalized “Mystery From Space” Pinterest Board with decorating, food, and costume ideas!

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