A thrilling New Year's Eve Costume ballA thrilling New Year's Eve Costume ball

The Queen’s Jewels: A Thrilling New Year’s Eve


Players:  12 or 13-20 Era:   Present Day
Gender:  M&F Crime:   Theft


A party has been held at the home of Agatha Buell, a well-known and extremely rich local socialite. Agatha is the heiress to the Fleer Fortune. She loves to hold parties and balls several times a year. Her costumed ball is her favorite and she asks that all who attend come in costume. 

Agatha’s insurance company and security people have been warning her for years that she was taking a big risk at these parties when she insisted on wearing some of her jewelry. Well, at this year’s costume ball, the Agatha is attacked and her Queen’s Jewels turn up missing. Of all the guests at the party, the police and insurance investigators are sure that one of these guests committed the robbery. If you don’t figure out how to look beyond the disguise, everyone may be wearing their costumes for a very long while.




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12 Print/$45.00+s/h Download/$35.00
13-20 Print/$70.00+s/h Download/$55.00


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A Thrilling New Year’s Eve party game:

During this New Year’s Eve costume ball, the Queens jewels turn up missing and the police and insurance investigators are sure that one of these guests committed the robbery. If we don’t figure out who and soon, no one will have a Happy New Year. This is one unforgettable party that will be remembered for years to come.

Each mystery game party includes the following:

  • Story of the crime and circumstances for the party/gathering
  • List of cast members
  • Individual character packets
  • “Rules” for playing the game
  • Hosting Packet, which includes instructions on how to play the game, timing and organization tips for the host, how to plan the party and select player parts, etc.
  • Historical background if necessary
  • A summary of who, how, and why the crime was done
  • Performance and dressing tips
  • FREE personalized invitation – email or print and mail
  • Link to a personalized The Queen’s Jewels” Pinterest Board with decorating, food, and costume ideas!

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 8 x 10 x 2 in


Number of Players


5 reviews for The Queen’s Jewels: A Thrilling New Year’s Eve

  1. J.S.

    I was the person who was worried about the Queen’s Jewels party for my daughter’s birthday. You were right – the party was a lot of fun – and almost everyone figured out it was….So thank you for the fun time.


  2. T.H.

    The event was a huge success….we all had a lot of fun, and appreciate the “clean-ness” of your games. When we get the pictures developed, we’ll e-mail you a few–the costumes were great!…

    T.H. (played at a Christian fraternity in California)

  3. C.M.

    Thank you for the wonderful game!!!!My students had a ball. God Bless

    C.M. (played at a Catholic School)

  4. J.H.

    Thought I’d let you know that our Mystery Party (The Queens Jewels) was a success and enjoyed by adults and children alike (we had four families with children down to 9 years old). the man who played the fireman went to the local firehouse to get a red plastic hat…when the firemen found out why he needed it, they took him downstairs and outfitted him with a whole reserve fireman’s uniform. The Doctor put on an amusing trick flea act for us. Thanks for your work and for a family-friendly game! We’ll be back!


  5. Nancy P.

    Thanks very much for your help and understanding!

    We loved playing the game The Queen’s Jewels – I guess that’s obvious, since my younger daughter insisted on having it for her party too. Thank you for making it playable with all girls – the first time it was all 13-14 year-old girls, and this time it will be 11-12 year-olds, and at this point none of them want any part of having boys at their parties. (It’s amazing that all of the other mystery games I found for that age group require both genders, to the point where characters are actually supposed to be dating each other – can’t do THOSE with all girls without everyone being really uncomfortable.)

    Do you write these yourselves? If so, please keep it up! More stories for young teenage girls, please, so we have something to do for NEXT year’s parties (since this year is going to be hard to top)…

    Nancy P.

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