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We just did the first test of our Regency Tea Party, which my 14-year-old daughter was in charge of.  I had reminded her to think about the menu and what she wants to prepare. Upon showing her the Pinterest Board, she has assured me in true teen-aged fashion, that she had it covered.  The night before the party, I finally got her hammered down on what she’s making.  The first thing she showed me was cheesy bacon balls, and she is thrilled! I stopped her before she went to the next item and reminded her that per her birthday request, we were doing a Regency Tea Party.  Cheesy Bacon Balls are yummy, boy oh boy yes, but are they something a prim and proper lady of the court would eat? Uhhh…..

The next day found our home filled with sweet teen-aged girls sipping tea from china and eating cucumber sandwiches and lemon tarts.

As you’re planning your party, don’t forget about your menu. The food helps set the mood and the tone for the party, and makes the entire experience more memorable.  Be adventurous, if appropriate.  You may just find out that cucumber sandwiches aren’t so terrible after all!

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