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Throwing a mystery game can be such a fun experience.  Some hosts spend months planning every detail, hoping to make the party perfect in every way.  Others prefer a more adventurous approach, offering the player parts to guests at the doorstep (Bruffey Manor or Mystery Manor are the best games for this approach).

Bruffey Manor Choosey our own adventure mystery party game
Bruffey Manor
Haunted House Mystery Role Playing Game
Mystery Manor
Silver slipper wild west murder mystery game
Silver Slipper
California Gold Rush Choose your own Ending Adventure
Wagons Ho
games for girls, camp ghosts and more
Camp Run a Muk
Cattle Skull wild west cowboy murder mystery party game
Cattle Skull
Hawaiian Holiday tropical murder mystery party game
Hawaiian Holiday







No matter which method you prefer, you can help them immerse themselves into the game quickly and effectively by utilizing their sense of smell.

Writers are taught to tell a story using as many of the senses as possible – sight, touch, smell, hearing, taste, etc. You can do the same. But this does not have to be difficult, or long and drawn out.  It can be something as simple as a campfire or a fire in the fireplace for Silver Slipper, Wagons Ho, Camp Run A Muk, or Cattleskull.  Or it could mean lighting candles that are ocean-scented for the Hawaiian Holiday mystery game.  It doesn’t need to be much.  Just enough to help boost the ambiance.

You’ll be surprised how something so little will make such a difference.

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