Whodunnit Mystery Games & Parties!


Whodunnit Mysteries LARP family friendly murder mystery and historical mystery games and dinner parties

Welcome to Whodunnit Mysteries! We offer dozens of g-rated role-playing mystery games, including:

Unforgettable murder mysteries like Case of the Dead Stone, Hawaiian Holiday and Castle Glenn

Glamorous jewelry heists like The Queens Jewels and The Lucky Pooch Choker

Shocking spy games like Death Leaves on Track 13, Death Sails on the Oceana, and The Fox

Intriguing haunted house games like Bruffey Manor and Mystery Manor and much more. 

Themes range from modern day to historical times, including the Revolutionary war, civil war, 1850’s, and early 1900’s. We offer games suitable for parties ranging from 8 to 50 players — ages 8 to 108! 

Each of our games is family friendly, G-rated, and filled with fun, quirky, and witty characters. Or at least they were written that way, but it’s up to you and your guests to bring them to life.

Check out all our games! We’re sure you’ll find something perfect for your mystery dinner, party, gathering, or corporate event. If you can’t find just the right game, then we’d be happy to write a custom mystery game especially for you!