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Welcome to Whodunnit Mystery Games! We offer an amazing assortment of PG-rated murder and non-murder mystery games ranging from groups of 6 to 50, and ages 10 to 110.  You can delve in the world of spies with our spy train mystery. Find out who killed the heiress to the hair restoration dynasty in Case of the Dead Stone. Navigate ghosts and haunted houses in Bruffey Manor and Mystery Manor. Search for buried treasure in Castle Glenn. Hunt for homicides while on a Hawaiian holiday,or go back in time with more than a dozen historical mystery games including Civil War, Wild West, a 1940’s cruise, Revolutionary War, and so much more!

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2018 will be our 30th year writing family-friendly role-playing mystery party games and we’re excited to offer a host of new and exciting products and discounts throughout the year to celebrate such a momentous occasion! Starting January 1st, we’ll begin offering our 30 for 30 program. Stay tuned and sign up for our newsletter to learn more!

Do you celebrate Valentines Day with Chocolates and Roses?  Neither do we!  We’re more of a Poison and Daggers type of people.

If you prefer to celebrate this day of love with a little less romance and a little more mayhem, you can do that AND get an extra 30% off until February 15th.  Just use coupon code “loveya30” at checkout.

Whodunnit Mysteries Tips, Ideas, and News

Terrifyingly Tasty!
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We just did the first test of our Regency Tea Party, which my 14-year-old daughter was in charge of.  I had reminded her to think about the menu and what she wants to prepare. Upon showing her the Pinterest Board, … Read More

In the Works
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Just wanted to give you an update about what’s going on in the world of Whodunnit Mysteries.  While it may look like not much is happening, behind the scenes we’re scurrying like newly-illuminated cockroaches. We’ve got lots of changes planned … Read More

It Smells Like a Mystery in Here
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Here’s a tip for you: Get all your senses involved with the party. Is there a scent you can diffuse at your party that hearkens your party-goers to where you’re want them? Below is one of our favorite diffusers… I’m … Read More

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