About Whodunnit Mysteries

30 Years ĉf Mysteries, Laughter, and Fun.

Monte & Barbara

Monte and Barbara Cady created Whodunnit Mysteries in 1988 as a way to bring cleaner fun to the rather dark and suggestive game industry of their time. It was their answer to wanting various G-rated games with imaginative, unusual crimes that they could enjoy with adults, co-workers, and neighbors. Any game they created could be enjoyed by their teenage children and their friends, too.

Monte and Barbara’s idea resulted in fun & quirky games to play over and over again.

Grace grew up her entire life playing her parents’ games—shaping her love for stories and writing. The legacy of Whodunnit Mysteries has been carefully passed along Grace’s older sisters Susan, Patty, and Chris.

Grace & Roscoe

But what’s Roscoe got to do with all this? Just like mystery games were a part of growing up, so was the family dog. Grace doesn’t remember a time when they didn’t have a dog, from Rumbles to Barney to Cassie. 
Roscoe was the Naegle’s first family dog when they created a family, and anyone who knows her questions whether Grace loved Roscoe more than her children. She has snuck him into every game she’s ever written. Unfortunately, Roscoe recently passed away, but he’ll always be in the Whodunnit heart through the Roscoe Easter Eggs in each Whodunnit Mystery Game.

Today, Grace is the creative force behind Whodunnit Mysteries and all it has to offer.

With a lifetime of mystery thinking, she brings her expertise to the mystery planning and quirkiness of character development found in the games of today. She still uses her older sisters, Susan, Patty, and Chris, as backup brainstormers, writers, designers, and game players—a real family legacy of creative influence.
There’s a wide variety of imaginative and creative games perfect for small party settings and even large group games that offer team building activities or escape room features. So head to the store, choose a mystery, invite some friends, and be prepared to have a fun, immersive, theatrical experience with one of these clever stories.

Tea is for Terror

Regency England Tea Party Murder Mystery.


Regency England




1818, London, England. Someone at the party has been sending out threatening notes, but who? And why? Can you discover them before the threats turn deadly?

Maybe you’re the one who likes to stand out and be unique.

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