Players 10

Plunder the Sea



Discover who stole the magic pearl from the ocean-famous mermaid singer, or else all of you are going to be stuck in the brig of the sunken pirate ship!


Welcome to The Sunken Ship, the most popular event venue within fifty leagues of Siren’s Cove! Here you can find amazing shows for everyone.

This week there has been a full schedule. The performances have gone great until today. The ocean-famous singer arrived at her dressing room and found it ransacked. Her drawers were overturned, her props flung about the room, and even some of the wall was pulled away.

When everything was put to right, nothing was missing… except her lucky pearl that she never goes on stage without.

There are so many questions! The head of security has gathered each of you because you are suspects in your own way. Discover who stole the pearl or else you’ll be stuck in The Sunken Ship brig.

Each Mystery Game Comes Equipped With:

  • Story of the crime and circumstances for the party/gathering
  • List of cast members
  • Individual character packets
  • “Rules” for playing the game
  • Hosting Packet, which includes instructions on how to play the game, timing and organization tips for the host, how to plan the party and select player parts, etc.
  • Historical background if necessary
  • A summary of who, how, and why the crime was done
  • Performance and dressing tips
  • Link to a personalized “Plunder the Sea” Pinterest Board with decorating, food, and costume ideas!

Vella has extra information about the Storyline, Characters, and the author’s behind-the-scene notes about this game and all the others, plus information on upcoming and in-progress games! Check it out here!

Additional information

Number of Players

10 (4 Male, 4 Female, 2 non-specific)


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