Bruffey Manor Mystery Game
Thrilling ghost games for girls

Bruffey Manor  Bruffey Manor sits on the edge of town, deserted but not abandoned. Someone (or thing) keeps the taxes paid so it cannot be torn down. Is the manor haunted? (An all-girl version of Mystery Manor)

A “Choose Your Own Ending” style game

10 or 11-20 player games
all female cast

Case of the Dead Stone: a role playing mystery game where you try to find who killed Harriet Stone.
A classic Murder Mystery Party Game

The Case of the Dead Stone    The newspapers say “Stone Dead!” Harriet Stone, that is, and she was found dead on the dining room table and we suspect foul play. Perhaps the knife in her back tipped us off?

12 player game
male/female cast

Death leaves on Track 13: the innovative Spy Game set on a train.
Spies on a train!

Death Leaves on Track 13    Spies, spies, everywhere! Why is everyone trying to find who killed Ivan, and what happened to the stolen formula he was carrying? Travel by train across Europe in the early 1900s as you try to solve the mystery.

25 – 50 player game
male/female cast

Death Sails on the Oceania: Set sail with death on a lovely cruise, where a spy may be around every corner
A World War 2 spy party game

Death Sails on the Oceania    Set in the early 1940s, set sail on this luxury liner headed straight for danger. A cargo of gold, an experienced crew, spies and a World War all add spice to a classic mystery game.   

25-50 player game
male/female cast

Join the hunt for the missing payroll in this LARP Civil War multiplayer mystery game
Civil War mystery game

Follow the Flag    The Civil War isn’t going too well. Today is payday, but the paymaster is dead and the payroll is gone. Courage can take you only so far, and the war will be lost if you don’t find that missing payroll, and fast!

10 player game
male/female cast

Put on your sunscreen and grab your camera, this is a trip to a tropical paradise you won't forget. Find the killers before you end up dead on the sand, too.
An Epic Hawaiian Party

Hawaiian Holiday    A sunny vacation to Hawaii turns deadly. Who would want Ned and Martha killed? Perhaps the game should be called “Slaughter in the Water”!

10 or 11-30 player games male/female cast

Visit the wild west with a group of your friends, and help solve the mystery before you bite the bullet, too.
Adventure in the Old West

Cattle Skull Crossing    Get a group together and ride the trail in the old West. The local banker has been found dead, shot in the back. The sheriff is ruling out suicide, but we need to figure out who and why. (A large group version of The Silver Slipper)

25-50 player game
male/female cast

The mad scientist is dead in this murder mystery game, and all the alphabet agencies are on the hunt, along with your party, to find the killer, before his latest invention falls into the wrong hands.
A Mad Scientist murder mystery

Mystery from Space   Who killed Dr. Elas? Does his matter transfer machine really work? One of the 10 players is not what they appear to be. Prepare to defend yourself before you are grabbed as the murderer.

10 player game
male/female cast

American old West Murder Mystery Game. Find the killer before he finds you. A fun multiplayer game when the west was young.
Treachery in the Old Wild West

The Silver Slipper   Visit the old wild west in this riveting mystery. Which mean-minded, buzzard-breath, slimy snake killed poor old Dan Dupont and stole the deed to the mine.

(A smaller group version of Cattle Skull Crossing

10 or 11-20 player games male/female cast

Find the treasure and the murderer in this castle hunt. A fun multiplayer mystery game great for a house party or team building activity. Fun for everyone, except the dead guy.
A Haunted Mansion Mystery game

Castle Glenn    An noble is found dead in his castle. No sooner is the Viking funeral over with than people begin searching for his treasure. Can it be found? Indeed, a haunting mystery.

14 player game
male/female cast

The Revolutionary war is over before it really gets started if you can't find the spy that is sabotaging General Washington's army. This crime game transports you to the 1700's to hunt the spy who is ruining it all.
Bold Revolutionary War Spy Games

The Fox    General George Washington has many problems, not the least of which is an English spy named The Fox. The Revolution will be doomed if The Fox is not caught. All the clues are there if you keep your wits about you.

10 and 11-30 player games   male/female cast

Find the thief at this 4th of July party set at lovely Lake Washington. Join the all girls cast in hunting for the person who stole the tiara and rubies before you are accused.
4th of July mystery

The Lake Washington Mystery    A rich heiress throws a lavish party and the next day she discovers her jewels are missing, including her gold and diamond tiara worth over $20,000. It is up to you to find the thief. Besides, there may be a reward.

8 player game
all female cast

Find the missing Lucky Pooch Choker and break the bad luck in this multiplayer crime mystery game, suitable for advanced teens and adults. Whimsical and wacky yes, but still lots of fun.
A Bold Jewelry Heist

The Lucky Pooch Choker    A successful dog breeder loses her diamond choker necklace. Some think its valuable, but poor Janet Johnson doesn’t care. Ever since she bought it, the choker has brought her good luck and she wants it back!

10 player game
male/female cast

Find yourself exploring a spooky mansion while you try to figure out if it is haunted. Is there really a ghost, or just pranks being played?
Beware the Haunted House!

Mystery Manor    A group of strangers spend the night in a haunted house. Can they survive the night? You decide your fate in this “Choose Your Own Ending” style game.

(Check out Bruffey Manor for an all girl version of this game. )

10 or 11-15 player games  male/female cast

This Costume Murder Mystery Party multiplayer game lets you investigate the missing jewels, in the hopes that you won't be the one accused by the police of thievery. Can you solve the mystery before ringing in the new year?
A Thrilling New Year’s Eve Party

The Queen’s Jewels    At this New Year’s Eve costume ball, the Queens jewels turn up missing and the police and insurance investigators are sure that one of these guests committed the robbery. If we don’t figure out who and soon, no one will have a Happy New Year.    

12 or 13-20 player games
male/female cast

A Disability Awareness Live Action Role Playing Mystery Game. Experience with your friends what it's like with physical disabilities, with a fun twist.
Unique Disability Awareness game

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

A fun way to help players experience interacting with people with disabilities. Can these blind, deaf, and/or speech and language impaired characters solve the mystery?

10 or 15 player games  male/female cast

All-girl summer camp mystery game with ghost sightings, haunted happenings, and fun and laughter galore. A fun sleepover or birthday party idea.
A Ghostly Camp Mystery for girls

The Shampoo High Girls at Camp Run-A-Muk 

The Shampoo High Girls have been asked to help save Camp Run-A-Muk, an all-girls camp. Camp has been plagued by ghost sightings and things disappearing, including the camp mascot, a midget horse named Archie.

10 or 10-20 player games
all female cast

An All Girl Live Action Mystery Game, you are on the hunt to find the thief who stole the fair money. Set in the present day, you will have lots of fun deciphering clues and interviewing suspects.
Junior Sleuths are on the case

The Shampoo High Girls at the Fair

The Girls from Shampoo High school have to figure out who is stealing the County Fair money. Someone from their high school must be guilty, and that just won’t do for this lively bunch of junior detectives.

10 or 11-20 player games
all female cast

This Choose Your Own Ending All-boy old West team building mystery game, great clean g-rated teen youth group game. Don't forget your hat and spurs. It's gonna be a long trip.
A California Gold Rush Adventure

Wagons Ho!!    Hitch up the teams, buy some ammunition, check your guide book and get set to head for California. Make the right decisions and you may be a millionaire. Or make the wrong choices and your bones may bleach in the desert. A Choose Your Own Ending group game.

12 or 15 player game
all male cast